What’s The Best Web Hosting Site Builder? Is It Too Expensive?

What’s The Best Web Hosting Site Builder?

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I like how many of the online site builder, especially the free ones offer a free site builder and then leave you hanging wondering what the heck else you need to get a website up and running. Not really, in fact it drives me insane. When I first started blogging I joined a popular web building platform to build my own website. I got a site builder but then I come to find out I also had to pay for a domain and for hosting and those were separate from my site builder.

And they costs money and it wasn’t cheap.

What did I do to find the best web hosting site builder plus a domain included? I did nothing at first because like tons of other people I just paid for everything separate. And this was ten years ago when the services were more expensive to build your own website. If you wanted to monetize that site you could hire a web builder who charged you up the ying yang to get a basic site with a few pages and posts. I’m talking hundreds of bucks.

Take a look at Reviews.com that has some great reviews on web hosting and then come back and finish reading. Reviews.com has done an exceptional job in looking at over 200 hosting sites and has some awesome insight for anyone looking to get the best out of their hosting services.  TAP HERE

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Fast forward to today. Now you can find services that offer all of the hosting, the site builder and the domain all under one roof. And the hosting is much more powerful and secure. But you have to find the right company to do this. I searched all over looking for something that was affordable and would give me the tools I needed to build an awesome website and just when I thought I was beat I ran into a guy online in a blogging forum that told me about this platform that had all the domain, hosting and yadayada included at a decent price. They also had a training program for people looking to get into affiliate marketing.

It’s Not Rocket Science To Build A Website!

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See that headline? Building a website is not rocket science so why do so many companies make it sound like it is? To build a site now you don’t need to know HTML, you don’t need to know coding, in fact platforms now have plugins that do everything for you! The hardest thing you have to do is add content and pictures. And if you want to monetize your website you can add affiliate links. It’s pretty darn easy. It’s so easy I knew I could do it but I wanted a service that covered all the bases as far as domain, hosting and a good site builder. I also wanted the SSL certificate on my site.

That guy I told you about? Well, I followed his advice and signed up for the platform he used. And I’m telling you it made life so much simpler for me as far as my blogging business went. It was the best web hosting site builder I have ever tried in my life.

Fast  Forward Two Years!

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At two years of using the platform to write my blog post on for my website and the training I received I can honestly say this has got to be the best web hosting site builder around. But if you don’t take advantage of it then you are wasting your time. And some who do join do waste valuable time in the chat feature and posting some personal stuff that just isn’t relevant to what the platform is about. The training is there, the web builder is there, the hosting is there and the support is there. All I had to do is write articles and upload to my website. That’s it!

If you’re looking for a site builder that has all the other stuff you need to maintain a website then I would definitely check out the free membership on the site. It costs nothing to join and you get a couple websites free off the bat. It does take work but it’s worth it in the end if you stay persistent and don’t quit. People who aren’t successful on it are the ones who quit after a few months and fizzle out. Kind of like school when you have the non hackers who can’t cut it and bail out in the end.

I invite you to check out this awesome platform I use that has the hosting included with the site builder. If it’s not what you expected you can always quit after a week and move on. But, I doubt you will once you see all it has to offer. I was skeptical at first but not anymore because my site (the one you are reading) has made me enough money where I can do what I want when I want and still earn on my site. If I want to work on it i do. If I want to take a break I take a break. Take a test drive of this platform for a week for free by clicking the link ahead. CLICK HERE


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