What’s The Top Managed Hosting Provider In 2018?

What’s The Top Managed Hosting Provider In 2018?

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I searched high and low for the top managed hosting provider in 2018 and in the end found that most were comparable in service and price. None of them offered exactly what I wanted because I needed a web site builder and an option to buy my domain. After searching for a week I finally discovered one that had what I needed. Cloud service hosting services that came with a site builder and domain assignment.

Why are some hosting services higher priced than others? It’s pretty simple really. Some are  more secure than others and some have more space for you to store files. While I do not concern myself so much with having the best hosting service available I think it’s important to have one that is secure and has a tech support system available for any down time you may experience. 

Here is a good blog/article on hosting through a popular blogging platform.

Is Hosting Enough?

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Is Hosting Enough?

Many people who blog have their own domain and want to bring their domain to a new hosting service. This is an easy task and the above blog/article I have listed will definitely steer you in the right direction for any questions you might have. When I started this blog website I didn’t really want to go through a bunch of different services for my site builder, domain and hosting so I purchased these all together in the platform you probably see promoted in this website.

The reason I promote it is because the hosting is some of the most powerful hosting service you can get online and it has a tech support system that answers any questions and in the event of downtime on your website, they get you back online in minutes. No b.s. or run around and that works for me. This website has hundreds of blogs which I trust with the hosting service I receive. And that gives me peace of mind.

Another reason I have my hosting combined with my site builder and domain is because it makes life simple when you want to have a quality hosting service and be able to build your website on one platform. Do I think it’s a good fit for anyone? Yes, if you are serious about having your website run effectively and don’t want to run into snags and problems. It’s not that hard to find a top managed hosting provider if you do your research.

Why Spend More For Hosting?

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Should You Spend More On Hosting?

I have seen some hosting services cost over $100.00 and that’s fine if you are running a mid sized company that requires a lot of storage space. But for a small business owner who may be running just a few websites or even a single one then I would definitely look for a lower cost cloud service provider. I don’t think it’s important to buy the more expensive services if you are not needing it.

Looking at 2018 trends in digital marketing you can see that there is a high demand for not only hosting but also domain and site builders at a nominal charge. You could spend upwards of $100.00 or more for this but I recommend looking at spending no more than $50.00 for everything combined for a single website and up to ten sites. Don’t spend more than you need to.

If you are looking at spending even less and at ZERO dollars for hosting than definitely read this.

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