What’s Your Retirement Income Calculator Telling You?

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Saving When Business Is Over

For all of those looking to retire, using your retirement income calculator is basically determining how much money you have coming to you for your retirement years. While it may sound scary, time has a way of creeping up on us and before long we realize we havent put aside enough to retire comfortably. So, if you’re one of the millions who is concerned about your retirement income, it may be time to suplplement that income. If we look at what some people are living (surviving on) in their retirement years across the globe, things look bleak. While in the United States we don’t expect the funds to dry up any time soon for retirement and disability payments, the amount received by beneficiaries is pretty sad. In fact someone who has worked close to 30 years in a decent paying position can expect to see right around 1,000.00 to 1,500.00 per month. For those on disability payments are around 1,100.00 per month. This barely covers living expenses and more often than not requires a second income to make it every month.

Have You Looked At Your Retirement Income Calculator? 

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What’s Your Retirement Calculator Telling You?

Unfortunately most of us are too busy living to really think about how much money we will have into our old age and once we retire. Have you figured out how much you will need to retire comfortably? Most of us haven’t and when the time comes we are blind sighted by the reality of how little we have for our golden years. And it is true we live in a society that for the most part has no middle class. Gone are the blue collar working days when an electrician and a teacher could make a good living and eventually have enough to retire comfortably. Like it or not, these are the days we are living in and it seems the poor keep getting poorer and the rich richer. So, what can we do if we find ourselves struggling to keep the lights on each month and food on the table? Many are looking to online programs that may help with the higher costs of living in today’s society.

Do Online Programs Help Supplement Retirement Income? 

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Earning From Home Is Not Difficult

Before we can identify whether or not online programs can help you with retirement income, we have to figure out if any of them are really legit. And if you know anything about online income making schemes, it’s easy to see there are a ton of the them that are downright dirty. Whoever comes up with some of these probably needs their head examined and their own retirement income calculator checked out. And if you think these scams originate in 3rd world countries, you’re mistaken. In the United States and UK scams pop up daily as people look to find ways to take money from already impoverished people. But, earning from home is not difficult if you take it seriously and have a plan of attack.

What I Did To Supplement My Retirement

Ok, now I won’t go into my work history or anything on here but I will say I punched the clock for nearly 30 years and then I was finished mentally and physically. You see I figured the harder I worked the more I would make. And working as a US. Marine and after as an electrician really seemed to be working hard. But was there any money in these jobs? Well, kind of. I say that because as a Marine I made a set pay but it wasn’t much especially since I was in the service in the 1980’s. And then the job as an electrician was basically feast or famine. If there was work you made good money, when there wasn’t it was peanuts. Which brings me to the conclusion that working smarter really makes sense. I started writing blogs for a living and I have to admit it really was a lot of fun. But, there wasn’t a whole lot of money in it, in fact barely enough to pay my car insurance every month. I learned that to make money through blogging I needed guidance and of course training. I wanted my retirement income calculator to show me something better, I was on the fast track to no where. So to make a long story short months ago I decided to learn how to earn as a blogger. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate. But, before I try and sell you on this I think if you are interested in learning to blog for an income you should at least see what this program has to offer. Here is what you get with a free and paid sign up account.

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I will admit the good thing about this program is all of the marketing and writing strategies included. I was never a techy person so it was definitely all new to me. But, being in my 50’s I wanted to try something new and I am glad I did. The cons to this Wealthy Affiliate is at first it can be overwhelming but after a month in I understood the basics and my website has been moving along nicely. I will say that the support has been outstanding and if I got stuck there was always someone there to help and answer my questions. So, there is what I did to supplement my retirement income. I won’t say I am rolling in the money yet but I will say I see some hope for my future with the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not a get rich program and does take some work and commitment but if you’re retired and need to see that retirement income calculator show you some bigger numbers, this could be the way!

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