Why Is Blogging So Popular?

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It’s becoming an age old question a lot of my readers ask me. Why is blogging so popular? I think it’s because it gives people a voice and is a great way to express yourself.
On the other side of the coin blogging has become a way people can actually make an income. But, contrary to what you might think not everyone who starts a blog will become successful and even make any money at it.
Why is that?
Honestly, it’s because people just give up blogging when they don’t see results, plain and simple. And not to pour salt in the wound it’s estimated that 81 percent of people who start a blog quit. I know, not good odds. But, you really have to look at why these people aren’t being successful after a year or two of constant blogging.
One of the main reasons is they pick the wrong niche and aren’t familiar with blogging or marketing that blog. And a lot of the people I hear from say they have been working so darn hard and just can’t make it work.
So, what’s the secret to becoming successful at blogging? Glad you asked!
It’s consistency!
As popular as blogging is in our world today most fail due to consistency. And to succeed you have to be consistent in not only blogging but in engaging with others and updating your website frequently.

How Can You Benefit From Blogging?

Seeing how popular blogging is, it’s surprising that many don’t bother using it for their businesses or to earn passive income. What are some of the ways you can benefit as a blogger? Check below.
1 If you’re looking to earn some extra cash you too can benefit. There are a number of platforms that cater to those who want to earn money blogging. Try Fiverr.com and sign up as a content and article writer and you may see it’s a great way4 to earn some extra bucks. But, take your time with this platform, build a reputation through positive feedbacks and you will see your sales increase.
2 Keep a personal blog much like a journal to keep your readers up to date on things you’re up to. Author’s may find platforms like Blogger.com a cool way to build up a readership. It’s a simple to use tool to get your blog out there!
3 Blogging can actually lift your spirits! It’s true. By writing daily you can focus on something positive versus worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s also a way of living in the moment!
4 Learn to promote products and services! Today it’s easy for bloggers to promote through affiliate links and banners. While this type of blogging takes a while to see results, it’s a great way to learn and earn as you promote and write and the same time.
5 Blogging is a great way to meet others who share your interests! With social media you can gain a quick following to your blog and meet some cool people and learn some tips on blogging too!

Find Your Own Road!

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I often tell my readers who message me to follow your own road when it comes to blogging for an income. Reason being is because you want to write about something that interests you and not necessarily what’s popular today. I know that sounds strange but new hottest fads will come and go and you may lose interests if you’re writing about something you don’t really care about. And if you have signed up for my updates I truly want you to succeed!
I am always open to any and all suggestions as to how I can make this site better and I thank all of you who have subscribed to Blogging Tips For Newbies. I couldn’t have made this site and kept it up without you! While I do receive a small commission for any of the blogging products I promote on this page, I will never spam you or ask for donations or anything like  that. But, I love comments so keep em’ coming!
To Your Success!


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5 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    I often ask myself if I should throw in the towel and shutdown my blog. However, then I think to myself that great success could be right around the corner and decide to hang in there. My biggest challenge is ranking on the first page of Google and acquiring a lot of organic traffic. Have you had success ranking on the first page?

    • Hey Josh. I have had success on Google and the others with my main keyword phrase Blogging trips for newbies which ranks on all three on the first page. But it is a job getting your website built up and with regular traffic. I guess it would be better to not throw in the towel but go over old post see if you can make them better. Also keep engaging with others in your niche. And check out other blogs. Maybe ask yourself what else would you be doing if not blogging. If that seems more appealing then go for it. Best and thanks for commenting.

  2. Dino says:

    Yea, consistent is the key to success, and also it’s the point that many people give up, because many people will find that consistent is not an easy thing to maintain.

  3. Ros says:

    Hi David,
    As a newbie I thought your site had a lot of interesting content but quite a bit of it was over my head I must admit as I just skimmed through it !
    At the moment Im still doing the training so it’ll be all I can do to keep up with that as well as keep in touch with the community !
    Ill certainly remember to come back to you though when I need help !
    Great resource!

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