Work At Home Affiliate With Marketing Business Opportunities

Work At Home Affiliate With Marketing Business Opportunities

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This is a question I get a lot especially since I started this website a few years ago. What is the best work at home affiliate with marketing business opportunities for 2020? It’s a good question because now more than ever people are really jumping on the work at home business thing.

But, what’s the best route to go? There are many different ways to approach affiliate marketing. And some marketers just throw affiliate links all over the net and hope someone bites. Sometimes they do but it’s not what I recommend. That’s because I am a firm believer that hard work or consistent work will bring the best results. It’s not like throwing a worm in a lake and hoping for a bite. I think that affiliate marketing success starts with learning the basics of how the industry works and then writing a boatload of content that will bring you long term organic traffic.

How does that work? Well, Google now looks a content a little differently than a few short years ago. Back then the focus was on keywords. And the density of optimal keywords was at 2-3 percent on each blog.

Now, Google’s algorithm has gotten a bit smarter. Today the best rankings are obtained not by using certain keywords but by using words that match what a user is looking for. Instead of looking for keywords like “washing machines”, you know should be searching with “Best washing machines for sale near me.”

The phrase ‘best washing machines for sale near me’ is not really a keyword but rather a phrase and a question. If we use that phrase instead of just “washing machine” google will be able to match up your blog with that specific search term. Easy right?

Affiliate Marketing Is Hot Right Now

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That’s a true statement. Affiliate marketing is hot, especially due to the stay at home order we are experiencing at this writing. When and will it end, who knows but what we are seeing is a huge increase in sales through online websites. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know this is good news.

But, what if you have no skills in marketing and don’t even know what to do as an affiliate or what an affiliate marketer is? Learn the industry is what I recommend. I started this website way back in January 2016 and was a bit hesitant. I did however go through Wealthy Affiliate’s training program and learned all I could without allowing myself to get overwhelmed.

What I found was that affiliate marketing is not some destination where you say ok I’ve learned enough, where’s the cash? It’s more of an ongoing learning process where you learn to write content in niches, you learn to market and you learn to network. That’s it. But, that’s a lot to digest too if you’re completely clueless starting out as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing because I went through their Premium membership and studied all of their lessons, watched the videos and followed all the training. Now, when I go to this site to work on it, it’s easy because I know what to do.

And that’s what Wealthy Affiliate’s training university can do for you if you’re on the fence and trying to figure out how to get into business for yourself. Work At Home Affiliate With Marketing Business Opportunities are out there. And learning how to do it right is at your fingertips. Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and see what’s going on in the industry and learn and build your business on the same platform.

Check my review of the platform here.


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